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“Your Gateway To world Class Medical Services”

The idea of Health Tourism, as an independent thing, was made popular in the late 1990s. People from the west travelled to countries in Asia mostly for cosmetic surgeries, for practical reasons of efficiency and cost effectiveness. In these almost two decades, the trend has changed from travel for wellness to a more serious proposition – a wholesome Medical Tourism. The global growth in the flow of patients and health professionals, as well as medical technology across national borders has given rise to new patterns of consumption and production of healthcare services.

IBNSINA is dedicated to be an unwavering facilitator of this amazing concept. It bridges the gap between a patient, who is willing to cross international borders, and a wide range of facilities that provide the best medical services in India. Besides offering affordable and accessible travel, along with readily available information to all its patients and clients, the company also aims at providing them a complete peace of mind, by making the entire process smooth and efficient.

The company has presence in India and Iraq, and caters to patients coming from across countries. The focus remains on delivering a one-off experience to patients and their families who visit hospitals in India for world-class yet cost-effective treatments and care.

Taking it a notch higher, IBNSINA reverses the impression of Medical Tourism by facilitating visits of renowned doctors from India to various medical facilities in Iraq. It also dispenses training to doctors across hospitals.

About Us

Few years back, we recognized an acute demand of an agency that could vouch for international logistic solutions for individuals who needed to travel on medical grounds, not merely as a tour planner but as a responsible guardian. In 2011, we started this experiment by putting our heart into creating liaisons with the best medical facilities in India. And IBNSINA Medical Tourism PVT Ltd was formed.

Today, we’re a trusted medical service provider and medical tourism facilitator. With offices in India and Iraq, we’re continuously expanding our reach and cater to the needs of patients and their families from across countries.

We are engaged in providing best in class medical facilities, through professional service providers and medical professionals in the world. We also offer training to doctors with a singular aim of bringing more and more people under the wings of high quality Indian healthcare services.


Our mission, at IBNSINA, is to create an environment where medical healthcare is not a luxury but a basic right that can be easily achieved by everyone. No one must feel discouraged from undergoing a treatment because of either a crunch of money or the unfamiliarity of a foreign land and language. We keep a dual focus on cost effectiveness and immaculate quality of every surgery and treatment that we facilitate. There is no sense of achievement as big as watching others regain their health and vitality, especially when we have a small role to play in it.

Services Offered

  • Medical Planning and Arrangements

    Based on the requirements of our clients, we circulate all the medical records among our team of doctors and advisers, who suggest the treatment and medical care for them. We believe in total transparency, and treat each case as unique, so as to customize the medical experience in the patient’s best interest.

    We also handle the entire pre- and post-hospital arrangements, including blocking the dates of the doctor(s) and reserving seats at the hospital, to ensure that patients don’t face any unnecessary hassles and delays with post arrival arrangements.We have a team of doctors in various specialties, which are present 24/7 to take care of any medical emergencies that may arise. We arrange for Doctor Consultations, Diagnostic Services, Special OPD Clinics, Personalized Patient Care and Care Program Coordinators.

  • Itinerary Management and Tour Guidance

    It is common knowledge that physiological health is directly proportional to one’s mental well-being. Anyone who is under stress takes longer to reflect the benefits of any treatment. We, at IBNSINA, strip our patients of all psychological tensions and stresses by lending them a healthy environment. From the time when our patients step out of their home countries till they return after a successful treatment, we take care of everything. They don’t have to worry about travelling, lodging, food, or even exploring countries as a tourist destination. We arrange all for them.

  • Interpreter

    One of the setbacks in travelling to a foreign land is non familiarity of the local language; and a country like India and many more is a land of hundreds of languages and dialects. We understand this better than anyone. That is why the first thing we tick on our checklist is a fully dedicated interpreter for our clients, who will always remain with them throughout the stay. Language will not be a barrier any more.

  • Medical Staff for Surgical Cases in foreign lands

    IBNSINA has tied up with Super Specialized Doctors in the best hospitals of INDIA to travel to different countries and conduct surgeries there. Super Specialized Doctors from the fields of Cardiac, Neuro, Spine, Joint Replacement and Ophthalmology travel to other countries and conduct Surgeries there which saves the time & money of the patients to travel, boarding and lodging expenses while making available to them world class treatment in their homeland only.

  • Doctors’ CME

    As an extension to our aim of providing best medical services to all, we strive to get doctors of different countries trained by top notch doctors in India. These training sessions, in all specialties are organized in the world class medical facilities of India. We also arrange for training programs in various countries we cater to.

  • Medical Camps

    IBNSINA shares close ties with hospitals operating in several countries, which we like to utilize by bringing under our ambit of services as many people as possible, even those who, for one reason or another, fails to travel abroad. We set up multi-specialty health check-up camps at various medical destinations of these countries. These camps are organized in association with several hospitals, and are patronized by the best doctors in their respective areas of specialty.

The Reach

Medical Tourism is more about its outreach than the quantitative number of patients directly involved. We feel extremely gratified about the fact that people are getting more and more aware of their options outside Iraq. After all, all human struggles melt down to our wellbeing and physical vitality. Since 2011 we are proud to have touched many lives directly, and thousands more indirectly.

At present, our company has tied up with the following Iraqi governorates:

  • Directorate of Health, DHI Qar Province (Nasiriyah)
  • Surgical Hospital of Maysan Province
  • Babyloon Province
  • Baghdad Province
  • Samawah, Al Muthanna Province
  • Najaf Province
  • Al Anbar Governorate
  • Basrah